Build a Great Set of Six-Pack Abs — General Patton’s Bodybuilding Quotes

It might seem odd that bodybuilding quotes for building six-pack abs can be attributed to General George Patton, but this famous WWII Commander led thousands of troops to victory and the quotes below can provide the motivation we need to push through the «tougher times» in training. The Patton motivational quotes below are provided with some tips on how they apply to fitness training.

«Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.» Nothing of true value to us comes without some sacrifice. As we focus on our exercises designed to build lean muscle mass, the tendency is to take shortcuts to speed the workout rather than to do what it takes to gain the maximum benefit. When you think about it, abdominal crunches are designed to build the abs. It is easy to do quick sets and use the momentum generated to carry you through these exercises rather than focusing on the slow, controlled, rolling upward movements with a specific focus on keeping the hollow of the back flush on the ground throughout the movement. This technique will build the abdominal bulk much faster than the easier alternative.

«Better to fight for something than live for nothing.» This statement begs introspection. Is looking and feeling good physically worth the effort it will take? Are you truly willing to put forth the «sweat equity» that it takes to achieve both your dietary as well as exercise goals? Willingness to develop a diet plan that includes lean protein and vegetables in each of the six meals per day will require creativity and effort on your part. Measuring lean body mass daily provides us with information that we may not want but that we may need to get us to increase our efforts to adhere to our diet plan and crank up the intensity of each workout.

«If a man does his best, what else is there?» This motivational statement cuts to the core of who you are. Can you answer honestly that you have given your best each day? Your best demands maximizing every rep of the kettle bell workout, and the full range of motion from every crunch. It also means that we don’t «pretend» that we are adherent to the negative calorie balance. The proof of your efforts is seen on the scale as well as in your pants size. Imagine for a moment that you are on an elliptical and your legs are burning. You may be tempted to cut the workout short because you just don’t feel like expending the energy. This shortcut amounts to a less-than-optimal effort and a no answer to the statement posed above.

«Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.» How many times have we been tempted to say that stepping off the diet is OK if we do it just once only to find ourselves binging on foods we know are off the diet? How many times have we talked ourselves out of a full workout? The idea is to take the energy we expend beating ourselves up and channeling it into a good workout the next time. Being prone to mistakes is to be human. Being successful is to accept what we have learned and do it better next time. Hitting a plateau in training where your performance may be flat can be as demoralizing as failure. It is the commitment to the idea that continuing the training regimen even when the results don’t seem to reflect the effort that will help you through low periods in training. This is also the concept that can help you get through the twenty-mile wall in a marathon.

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