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Dubstep is a genre of music that has just recently made its way to the United States. From its roots in East London, Dubstep is slowly taking over peoples subs across the world. Some of the best Dubstep songs are actually just remixes of other peoples' songs. It's very common for a Dubstep producer to sample hip hop acapellas within their music to give some extra feel and something to remember the song by. It's just as common for these Dubstep artists to remix each others' songs.

Since Dubstep is a reliably small genre, many of the artists know each other and will cooperate on songs. Dubstep remixes are very enjoyable to listen to, and the song has a completely different feel than the original instrumental. It's almost like listening to the song for the first time again. Heavy bass wobbles and Lil Wayne is a pretty undeniable combination. Some artists like Chrispy primarily remix other peoples songs with their own unique spin instead of writing and creating their own music. Some of these remixes just come from a Dj'ing set list in which a Dubstep song and a hip hop acapella are played at the same time, however, it's the songs that the producer writes specifically for its acapella that make a great remix. For those of you who have not heard Dubstep, here are some popular remixes.

1. Cragga — Mr Postman (Orig. The Marvelettes)
2. Borgore — Sleepyhead (Orig. Passion Pit)
3. Caspa — Where's My Money (Orig. Rusko)
4. Skrillex — In For the Kill Remix (Orig. La Roux)

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