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Wow, you just got your shiny and bright (or not) new PSP. It has everything you could possibly want, right, all those games, movies, and all the rest of that good stuff? Well, maybe not quite, eh? If you are reading this you obviously are not satisfied with things as they are currently; you want more! Look no further; here I will give an overview of the intricate art of downloading everything you could possibly need for your new (or old) PSP!

First things first: unless you have a version 1.50 PSP, you may need to modify / prepare your PSP to run the files before you go to all the trouble of finding and downloading them. That modification process is called downgrading, which is a topic for another day. Assuming you have a properly modified PSP, please continue.

Alright, grab the nearest handy USB cable, if none happens to be nearby and / or handy go find one; I have all day. Assuming you have successfully retrieved that cable by now we will move on and plug it into the USB port on your computer, either on the front or back, (sometimes you may have them both front and back.)

Okay, that done we now need to search for what it is you want to download onto your PSP! In some cases you might already have what it is you want, in that case skip on down, other here I will go over the process of finding what you need. So hop on over to the search engine of your choice (Google works well,) and plug what you are looking for into the search box, for example PSP modifications, music, PSP games, whatever.

We will skip over exactly what you might be downloading, all in all I would rather not know about it given certain * discrepancies * with what people can buy at the store and manage to collect via the internet and various downloading programs. The legality of that is your concern. (Remember, I recommend that you respect copyright laws.)

Okay, the last step then would be moving whatever files you happen to have downloaded over to the PSP. You can access your PSP by going to My Computer and then clicking on the newly appeared * removable drive. * This should open your PSP's folder and allow you to move and / or remove files and such.

Depending on what it is you have downloaded, you may want to check whether it works for your version of the PSP. Also, some things require special folders set up within the PSP main file folder; you will want to check that out as well. Good luck.

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