How to Download Music or Movies to Your PSP

Downloading and transferring music or movies to your PSP may seem confusing at first, but after reading some useful tutorials online I found it simple even for the notice user. I must admit despite being computer savy myself, I was lost when I first tried to hook it up. I wanted to share some useful knowledge for those of you who, like myself, want an easy step by step guide to uploading files to your Sony PSP.

1. Connect the PSP to your PC with a USB cable. (If you do not have a USD cable you can pick one up at Walmart, Best Buy or Circuit City).

2. Press the "home" button on the PSP (look in the lower left of your screen) and then use the left-right directional buttons to find Settings. Then the up-down buttons to find the USB Connection on the PSP.

3. Press the X button and your PSP will display the USB Connection.

4. In about 5 seconds or two your computer will pop up with a new USD connection in the bottom right hand corner.

5. Click on the drive letter that corresponds to the PSP, it is probably E or F drive since the D drive is typically your CD-Rom.

6. Now create a new folder on that drive and name it whatever you would like.

7. In the new folder you can create sub folders for music, movies, or other files.

8. Copy your desired files in your desired folder.

9. When you're finished copying your desired files, press the O button on the PSP to get out of USB connect mode.

That's all there is to it and repeat as necessary. If you are looking a website to download PSP Music, Movies or Games visit the website below.

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