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What do you look out for in a beginner guitar lesson DVD?

You're finally taking the first step! You're going to finally pick up a guitar and rock out with the best of them. That's a terrific idea, but where do you begin to learn how to play? Starting with guitar for beginners DVDs are a great idea, but what should you look to do?

Before you even start, know that attitude is everything. Giving up on a guitar because you have not learned it in ten minutes is the wrong approach to take. Great guitarists get that way by playing and screwing up thousands of times before nailing it and then repeating what they did right.

The first thing you should determine is what kind of guitar playing you're going to do. The power metal style of Firewind is going to be worlds different from the guitar playing of gospel music down at the local church. Do you want to do classic rock, modern rock, heavy metal, jazz, gospel, country? All of these require a guitarist.

Second, although DVD's are fairly standard, always start with the beginner level DVD, even if you think you know your way around. Building a good foundation in guitar basics will help you when you finally do move on to intermediate or advanced level DVD's.

Thirdly, when you play the DVD through, Is the person enthusiastic and does he explain things clearly? Is this DVD produced well, perhaps by a well-known company in music or movies? Or are you playing it 50 times and do not understand it at all?

The nice thing about a DVD is that if you do not get it right away, you can just hit a couple of buttons on your remote control, rewind a few seconds and play again, without worries about wearing out the DVD. Take good care of a DVD, and it will take good care of you.

Lastly, but most important, ask yourself this question: What did I learn from watching the DVD today? If you spent an hour learning a couple of basic chords, write that down. There's nothing wrong with learning the guitar at your own pace. Sometimes you'll get to where you want to, and you might even be the next Guitar Hero, only with a real guitar and not just one with 5 buttons.

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