Getting Started — Violin Lessons For Beginners

Given below are the steps that are to be followed for anyone preparing to play the violin:

First the hair on the bow has to be tightened by turning the screw at the end, to the extent that it is reasonably taut — a pencil should be able to fit in between the hair and the wood. Loosen it after finishing playing!

Next, rosin must be applied to the bow by sliding the rosin piece up and down the taut hairs 3 or 4 times. Putting too much rosin can cause a scratchy sound.

Holding the bow properly is important — the index finger goes on the grip first with the thumb below it and the other fingers at equal distances from the index finger. The tip of the little finger rests on top of the bow. The hand should be loose and relaxed because gripping the bow too tightly hampers proper playing — this takes a bit of practice getting used to.

The violin itself should be held with the jaw, below the earlobe, resting on the chin rest and the body of the instrument on the shoulder. The stem of the violin should be parallel to the ground. The left hand is placed at the base of the violin with the hand more towards the right of the instrument. Neither the thumb’s base nor the wrist should touch the violin’s neck.

The bow must be placed halfway between the fingerboard and bridge and should move parallel to the bridge, to the extent possible. More pressure on the bow makes the sound louder but may also make it scratchy.

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