Easy Programs to Make Rap Beats

Right now online there are some easy programs to make rap beats that create studio quality tracks. Many people use them for rap, hip-hop, drum backing tracks or just music in general. This article will hopefully awaken you to the underground movement with certain programs that is creating huge hype and killer beats.

What makes the best so easy to use?

The better rap beat programs online open up to reveal a very unique but easy to navigate interface. Imagine this as your on mixing mixing desk or recording studio. You will see a visible timeline where you literally drag and drop your desired sound. With the best programs this does not have to be just part of a drum kit. It could also be another instrument like a piano or some scratched decks.

  • Tip: To being you could use an existing track from one of your favorite artists to create your own beat. Like a cover or spin off of the original. Listen to the original and break it down. Where does the snare fall in each bar, use it. Where does he use a cymbal crash, copy it! This will get you used to understanding how and where to add your desired sounds.

If you have a clear idea of ​​how you want your rap beat to sound it is as simple as just laying it out on the time line that appears on the interface. Some people like to 'play' in the beat in real time. Literally clicking the mouse to the desired rhythm as you play to a click track. This is like playing the instrument in a studio through your mouse!

Easy to export?

Yes, most programs allow you to burn your work onto a CD straight from your computer. Some let you do this in MP3 format. Imagine loading this onto i-pod or straight onto i-Tunes? The possibilities are endless and very interesting.

Getting the hang of programs to make rap beats is not a problem and it wont be long before you are making professional, studio quality beats to rap with. They will be totally unique to you and you could have your first down today.

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