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Music is an art which has attracted people all over the world. The different forms of music have entranced everyone depending upon their tastes and texture. However, songs and other musical dialects were available either in radios or in tape recorders. This scenario was absolutely changed when computers came into the arena. Since computers could store large amounts of data, the number of songs that can be stored in a computer became huge and so the transformation to computers began.

This is when speakers of different kinds came into existence. To listen to a song, the computer needed an output device to expel the audio frequency. For this purpose the speakers were manufactured. Speakers are actually electro magnets which amplify the audio frequency provided to them and exhibit a frequency which can reach long distances and can be heard by many people. But with improvement and technology, these speakers were utilized by several other devices like music player, mp3 player, iPod and many more.

The common hardware that is present in all these devices is the audio jack. This audio jack is typically green in color and it creates the required interface between the device and the speaker. So sound can be heard from any device using the same speaker.

These speakers are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. In order to further amplify their efficiency, the woofers are provided with some speakers. These woofers enhance the quality of sound that is produced. A user is never disappointed with speakers as they are found in plenty of designs and with several features.

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