Incorporate Videos Into Your Emails

We all know that in order to succeed with an online business or any business for that matter you must stay connected. With an online business staying connected is the foundation of building long-lasting relationships that can lead to sales, partnerships, networking and more. Since I enjoy videos, and I'm sure you do as well, why not stay connected with video emails?

Instead of the same old text email, which is still very effective, use a video to convey your message. The difference of viewing and hearing your message supersedes that of a text.

You can use a video email to promote a new project, new website, promotion or simply a way to connect. Some have incorporated videos into their newsletters as well. You can make the videos as long or as short as you like. Remember that the attention span of most is not very long. Most videos are between 3 and 4 minutes in length unless they are educational or music videos.

Video in email is a fast growing trend and the increase in click through rates can be as much as two to three times. Some things to keep in mind if you intend to incorporate videos into your emails:

— Respect your audience's time..keep the videos short and sweet (try to keep them less than 2 minutes)

— Incorporate a tracking system to determine the click-to-view of the videos

— Be creative and use the videos to grab their attention, do not overuse the video system

— Do not add large or extra large animated GIF's — {those are annoying}

— Most importantly..have fun and experiment

Next email you send considering adding a video for more impact, you'll be amazed at the response.

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