How to Quickly Increase YouTube Views

For a personal ego boost or a boost in sales, large numbers of viewers watching your bands YouTube videos is always a good thing. If you are trying to build your viewer stats in YouTube, there are a few quick and easy secrets that are used by the YouTube experts that you really need to know about.

* Twitter
Twitter is like blogging on steroids. They stripped out everything mundane that you hate about your regular blog and then theyave you a word limit. The result? A high speed, extremely efficient way to spread the word to everyone you know, and those you do not, about everything from your upcoming concert to what you had for dinner. This social media tool has taken the world by storm so it is only logical that your target audience is using Twitter too. Send a tweet with a link to your bands latest YouTube creation and watch the numbers of visitors climb.

Like Twitter, Facebook has achieved worldwide recognition and a faithful group of users who spend at least some portion of their day on the site routinely. With a little networking, you can quickly find that you have grown a social networking group of several hundred people and they are all going to see every post you make to your public wall. Why not take advantage of this extra advertising opportunity to build your bands fan base? The creators of Facebook even made it easy by adding a video box to the site so you can display your bands YouTube videos from your Facebook profile. They have also made posting the links to your message wall easier by creating a unique posting tool that adds a thumbnail thumbnail and a description to your links.

* Add more videos.
We all like variety. If your YouTube video play list only has one entry, do not expect huge amounts of visitors without it is video of something everyone has an interest in. Add lots of different videos to your YouTube account and you have a better opportunity to grab the attention of your visitors.

* Cross Promotion
If you are going to take the time to upload a video to your YouTube account, you should be willing to make sure the video reaches its widest audience. Cross posting to various sites around the Internet is a great way to do this. Simply create a short, keyword rich article on the same topic as your video and include back links to the YouTube video. Then post this article, and variations of it, on your blog, in forum posts, at free article submission sites and user created websites, like Associated Content or Helium. You will find that the people who enjoy reading what you have written will also enjoy watching your performances in YouTube videos.

In summary, getting huge numbers in your YouTube viewer stats is easy. With a little time and patience, you can see your bands YouTube videos go viral.

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