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Are you a great rapper? Are you the next Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, or TI? Is the only thing stopping you from reaching to the next level lack of quality beats? Are you tired of dealing with producers that are not providing beats to complement your style? Well, let me introduce you on how to find rap beats online.

First, you must know what type of style you are looking for. Do you want East Coast tracks? How about crunk music or dirty south instrumentals? One thing as an artist you must know yourself, is what style of music you are aiming for. A lot of rappers just rap over any beat thinking their lyrics and vocals will carry them. What artists do not realize is that the first thing that catches a listener's attention is the beat. If you do not have a hot beat, chances are people are not going to wait around to check out your hot lyrics. So you must possess hot beats.

When looking for rap beats online, make sure you're dealing with a professional producer. If you like their tracks, send them an email or contact them directly and let them know how you feel about their music. Tell them about your goals and feel them out to see if you can work with them long term. You want to make sure you do business with professionals and not amateurs.

Also, make sure you know if you want to purchase a royalty free beat which is a track used for promotional uses. You will not be able to sell your cd with a royalty free beat or non exclusive beat. If you are looking to make a profit off of a song, you will need to do an exclusive agreement with the producer, so you will have full rights to the track.

Finding rap beats online can be the easiest way to find your beat. Making sure you do it right and professionally can make your life easier.

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