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Often times, when someone picks up the guitar for the first time, the first thing they want to do is learn their favorite songs. However, if your favorite song happens to be Van Halen's "Eruption", you're going to need a bit more experience. Beginners are better off starting with songs that are easy, and also sound good so they do not become discouraged and hang up the instrument before they've even begun to play. If the idea of ​​playing guitar looks intimidating, do not worry, the best thing about playing rock n roll guitar is that it's easy. Most popular rock and pop songs over the last fifty years or so have used the same basic chord structures for the simple reason that it sounds good. In addition, rock guitar's signature technique, the power chord, is in thousands of songs, and almost anyone can learn to form a power chord in a matter of hours. So if you're new to guitar, or just want some easy songs to jam on, here's a few to start with.

Deep Purple's " Smoke On The Water ". I'm sure by now you've heard the story of how this was originally written as a filler track about when a Frank Zappa fan lit off a flare inside the theater he was playing that night and "burned the place to the ground" but but despite being one of the most overplayed songs of all time, it's still a fun riff, and if you can, find the interview with Purple's Richie Blackmore where he explains the exact way he played it on the record. You'll be shocked at how much of a difference the original way of playing this classic sounds.

The Ramones' " Blitzkrieg Bop ". Made up of the same three power chords for its entire two minute length, this is one of the quintessential punk rock songs. One of the cool things about this song is that it'll help you learn to strum faster. Once you've played it for awhile, try playing it with all down-strokes, the real punk way to strum.

Just about any Nirvana song. When I first started playing electric guitar I bought Nirvana's greatest hits CD and learned every song on it. Most of Kurt Cobain's riffs were rooted in punk and slowed down to give a really nasty, heavy sound. Pick up any Nirvana record, and chances are you can figure them out by ear, yeah, the " solos " too.

All of the above songs are fairly easy to play, even if you've just started playing guitar. The more I play guitar, the more I've realized that sometimes the most enjoyable things to play are also the easiest. I guess that's why they call it playing guitar right?

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