How To Sell Music Online

You might have been one of the musicians or bands who upload your music on YouTube, and other social media sites wherein people can watch and listen to your creations. I bet that you would love to earn profits from all of your hard work. You might be thinking how an indie artist can make money and sell music online? If you have no idea how to do this, here are some tips that can help you along the way.

Copyrighters Protection

First thing to do is for you to register your band or your music to a performing rights organization, digital licensor and have a contact with music biz lawyer. Doing this will not cost too much unless you have already built a strong demand for your music or performance.

Make Your Own Store

Selling your album on iTunes, amazon, eMusic and other online music distributor out there is not a bad idea, but there are lots of competitors in those sites and you need to stand out. Plus, you pay for every album that you will put, and they will have a cut-off over your sales. On the other hand, creating your own website will add to your brand name and creates a place for you to interact with your fans and highlight your music and merchandise.

If you have already made a good impact on YouTube, and you gained fans over the internet. It will be easier for you to invite them to your website and sell music to them. Even though you're just a musician and do not know much how to sell music, there are hosting sites that can make it easier for you. These eCommerce hosting sites can make your website into a store wherein you can sell music, and all you have to do is follow their simple steps.

Market on Facebook

Facebook is the largest social networking site that accommodates millions of people worldwide. This simply means that you can use this opportunity, and convert them to your own advantage. You can build a fan page on Facebook and invite your fans, post your music and share your thoughts with them. There are applications that can show you how to sell music on Facebook, and create your own shop over the site.

Sell ​​Other Products

Do not be limited on your music only. Once you think you have gotten enough fans and making money from your music, it's time for you to sell some merchandise as well. You can sell music along with your own printed t-shirts, caps, and CD's. Start your own trend by wearing the outfits you are selling, and show them how your clothing line can beautifully fit their bodies.

Give Some Goodies

It is best to show appreciation to your fans and loyal buyers, and a way to do this is by giving free gifts or freebies. You can either include free merchandise every time a person purchase your album, and even make raffles or events on Facebook wherein your fans can participate and have fun.

Take note

Do not be too pushy on making sales, it is still best to gain trust and friends over the network, as they can turn to be the one promoting your music and products to other people. Gain trust, fans and more friends as this is the right way on how to sell music.

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