How to Make a Living in the Music Industry

Can you really make a living out of being a musician? Let's face it we're not all going to be rock stars so what are the options? When you start to investigate the music industry you will discover that there is a wealth of information out there on a whole range of jobs.

Of course you can still perform. There are many avenues that are looking for live music entertainment. In fact the live sector has grown more than any other area of ​​the music industry in recent years. You could play in a cover band at local venues and as you build up a reputation you may find you are able to scale it up. Themed bands are also very popular so you may decide to start a tribute band! You could even sign up with an entertainment agent. Remember you will pay a commission to them though for any work they find you. This can work in your favor though if they are getting you lots of gigs.

If you are not a performer then you could look at careers in recording. Music producer and sound engineers still hold very creative roles though they are more limited. A great place to start is to set up a home studio to learn the skills on your own. Alternately there are many courses you can enroll on to learn the ins and outs of music production.

Many musicians also decide to go into teaching music. You can teach music privately one to one or you could decide to teach in schools / colleges. Many of them offer one to one music lessons as supplementary activities. You should be able to demand around £ 25 an hour for teaching music. You may decide to do a teaching qualification which will mean you could teach on courses in schools and colleges. This has the added benefit of regular income and is seen as a 'real job'.

As you can see there are lots of options to investigate. If you are serious about making a living in music then it is very achievable. You may have ambitions to become a rock star but you can still have an enjoyable career creating and performing music.Or you could just have music as a hobby but let's face it we all want music to be a huge part of our lives. Get out there and get that music career!

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