How Music Inspires Baby's Brain?

Music is believed to have a substantial and positive effect on heart, mind and body. Many people find music to be miraculous as it helps in fending off the blues and reduces stress. Music has the same effect on babies as well. It promotes wholesome development in them. That's why; lullabies are known to provide soothing effect on infants and it makes them fall sleep.

Music even helps in development of premature babies and fetuses. Pregnant women use Mozart's music to enhance growth of the child in the womb. They do it, by strapping headphones on their bellies and playing Mozart music. This is termed as 'Mozart Effect' by researchers. Mozart was a prolific and influential composer of the classical era whose music is often known as Mozart's music has 60 beats per minute 'beat pattern', which activates the left and right brain.

Cultivate love for music

Parents must aim at instilling love for music in the child. The focus should be more on having fun and exposing your child to new sounds, songs and rhythms. Observe what your baby likes. Take cues from his behavior and actions. Play music for your baby.

• Get into habit of singing or playing music at the end of day, especially at bedtime. It will associate your child to the song.

• You may also sing to your baby. Hearing your voice will help your toddler to enhance language skills.

• Enhance your child's development and love of music through song, dance, movement games and instruments. Indulge your child to learn any music instrument. Learning piano from early age helps in brain development excessively.

• Your baby will enjoy the stimulation and will learn new words and songs. Soon your child may also develop fondness for drums, piano etc.

• Let your child create his own music. Get him toy music instruments that have appealing sounds. Let him enjoy banging on drum, piano, or xylophone, but only for the fun of it at this age.

• Babies also get a dance buzz when they hear music because it stimulates their vestibular senses.

• Also, you may narrate to your child a story or folk tale that is musical. It will capture his interest even more. You may even make use of nursery rhymes, chants etc.

Music benefits everyone in totality. It has the power to lift your spirit, soothe your frayed nerves, and it can even make you shake a leg. Music also helps in development of bond.

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