Christmas Music — Relaxing Christmas JAZZ — Smooth Christmas Songs Instrumental

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Christmas Music — Relaxing Christmas JAZZ — Smooth Christmas Songs Instrumental

Our Relaxing Christmas Jazz can be used for wake up, studying, relaxing, calm, romantic breakfast, cooking, baking, at work and relaxation.This relaxing music best suited for study, work, cooking, like dinner music, background music, romantic music, relaxation music or music for stress relief. Let the beautiful, soothing and inspirational music help you relax!

Relax Channel proposes music in such directions: French Music,Retro Music, Italian Music,Jazz Music,Bossa Nova Music, Morning Music, Piano and Guitar Music, Music for Cooking, Christmas Music, Background Music, Holiday music, Meditation Music | Yoga Music, Sleep Music.


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Comment (28)

  1. I listened to this music in the month of May, while doing my research and with a cup of Chamomile tea and a cookie, everything fit perfectly, right 🙂

  2. I'm watching this in April bc I miss Christmas, the warm fire, snow, cookies, lights, warmth, eVeRyThing. Now I'm stuck doing my english report and study for my history exams during my Spring Break :"(

  3. It's literally April right now and its turning into spring and I'm wearing shorts but I still want to make a snowman, bake cookies and watch the snow fall while I listen to this masterpiece

  4. at about 57:10 I really needed to cry lol (it reminded me of the music from Up), this music is so beautiful, emotional + calming not to mention Christmasy of course + also super good for doing homework any time of the year. thx for this really awesome video!

  5. This is crazy talk but can you please keep this up? I see it's from 2017 but with all this cold weather we've been having in North America, it helps to pretend it's the December season and not an attic desert out there.


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