Advertising Music — The Psychological Benefits of Music in Advertising

Effective Advertising Music is such an important tool in the creation of a successful advertising campaign. Many people remember jingles or catchy phrases that have been used to brand commercials such as the Oscar Meyer song or the Folgers theme. The reality is that without music in advertising, there is many times a bridge that hasn’t been gaped between the advertiser and the end-user.

Why is advertising music so powerful? Music creates an emotional connection with viewers or listeners. Everyone one of us is affected by music in one way or another. Music is a way to define specific cultures and regions of people. We understand that there are significantly different styles of music that people listen to. We choose styles of music based on our preferences in life and where we are at mentally and emotionally at that point in time. Successful marketers understand this powerful tool and use it as an advantage for their campaigns.

If we spend time listening to music in commercials and really break down their significance we would understand that it is used as a psychological tool for getting us as consumers involved with the product or service being advertised and want to purchase what is being displayed. In the same way that music is used in movies to bridge an emotional gap with the viewer, we must understand that the same technique is used in commercials.

Successful commercials are created when the advertiser or person in charge of putting the campaign together can first of all correctly identify the target market and demographic. If and when this is discovered, the individual will better begin to understand how to effectively use music in the campaign.

For instance, if the type of product being sold is geared towards senior citizens, then playing death metal music in the background is not going to be an effective way of reaching the targeted audience. Once the target audience is realized, then the advertiser can figure out what style of music would be best appropriate for the project.

Many times advertisers will use «canned music» which is music leased or bought from websites and music libraries that have already been created. While this is an economical option for many people, the use of new and original music designed for the specific advertising campaign is many times much more effective because it is tailor-made for that project.

Music producers and composers who specialize in commercial music and jingles understand how to take the ideas being presented in the commercial and the targeted market to create a piece of music that will bridge an emotional gap to create a connection with the end-user in order to draw them in and make them want to purchase the product or service being advertised.

Original music can be a much better tool for an advertising campaign even though it may be a little more costly, because it can have the appropriate cuts, edits and themes timed exactly according to the copyright being used in the commercial.

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