PIKNIK — Mrakobesie i Jazz

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In this episode I countdown the TOP 20 ROCK GUITAR SOLOS OF ALL TIME. THE BEATO CLUB → THE BEATO EAR TRAINING PROGRAM: BUY THE BEATO BOOK HERE → rickbeato.com MY HELIX PRESETS → KEMPER PROFILES → Follow my Instagram — **Advanced Harmonic Concepts for Composition and Improvisation Video Course** → www.flatfiv.co SUBSCRIBE HERE → […]

Advertising Formats Mostly Used on Video Sharing Community

Video will be on all websites. It's no longer just an entertainment on a video sharing website. It has become an effective tool for marketing, instruction, conveying information of all kinds. * e-Commerce leaders Amazon and Zappos encourage users to share video reviews. Per Zappos video experience increase sales 6% to 30%. * More and […]

Broadcast Your Video on Satellite

Have you wondered how you can broadcast your videos on satellite TV? Want to show the world your videos? Maybe you want to broadcast your own satellite TV channel? Broadcasting your video on satellite seems like a dream that could never come true to most people. However what most people do not realize is that […]

Kahoot In Game Music (90 Second Countdown)

The In Game Music For Kahoot With A 90 Second Count Down


Лихой русский шансон в машину ! Лучшие песни для вашего настроения! ДИСКОТЕКА ЗДЕСЬ This video version of this song / video is currently displayed with full permission from the record label WMA distributing the release. The label and its artist retain all ownership. Please support the label and its artist(s) by purchasing this release via […]


ТОП ХИТЫ 2019 ГОДА x 2020 ГОДА ♫ КЛУБНАЯ МУЗЫКА ♫ РУССКАЯ МУЗЫКА ♫ RUSSISCHE MUSIK 2020 ————————————- ✔Приятного вам дня и прослушивания! ✔Делитесь этим видео с друзьями! ✔Также не забудьте нажать на колокольчик чтобы знат о всех новинках! ►Subscribe Russian Music Mix : ►Follow Facebook : ——————————————————————- ➤ None of these images, music & […]

Покерные стримы: лучшие клипы Liay5

Лучшие клипы этой недели мы посвящаем Лие Новиковой, без которой до сих пор невозможно представить будущее этой рубрики. Следите за главными событиями из мира покера, наблюдайте за самыми впечатляющими раздачами в истории, узнавайте полезные советы по игре, общайтесь на крупнейшем русскоязычном покерном форуме и слушайте тематические подкасты на нашем сайте: Следите за обновлениями GipsyTeam в […]

Романтическая музыка любви/ Лучшая инструментальная музыка для двоих

➤ — Как научиться понимать английскую речь на слух ➤ -тест-драйв в онлайн школе английского языка Марины Русаковой . Учите до 100 слов в день без зубрежки! ➤ — Веселый Английский для детей Лучшая музыка для романтического вечера! Музыка любви для двоих.) Подписывайтесь на канал! Посмотрите, здесь еще много хорошей музыки: ➤ — Потрясающая музыка! […]

Finding Good, Free Video Editing Software

Free Video editing software is made available anywhere on the World Wide Web. It is tremendously available to anybody which comprehends and has knowledge about how to employ the computer in addition to the internet. It will be clearly straightforward to utter this particular problem merely for the reason that with just a click of […]

Easy Burglary Protection Using Digital Video Surveillance

Worried about crime in your neighborhood? You should be. Take a look at national crime statistics, and you'll notice that crimes related to property have gone up. Perhaps you're not sure what "crimes against property" means, for there are several forms of this type of crime. It may involve vandalism, which is the unwanted tampering […]

A Review of Video Creation Mastery

Have you noticed more and more Internet Marketers using video recently? I sure have. There is a constant debate about the advantages of Video Marketing vs Article Marketing. The trouble is, I know very little about making videos. When a good friend gave me his review of Video Creation Mastery, I had to check it […]

Basic Music Production Tips

There are mainly pitfalls along the road of music production; Most of these holes can be avoid if the mixing beginner has a few music production basics to help them at the start. Once a person that is new to music production knows the basics and knows the golden rules their learning process and overall […]

Долина поёт джаз.mpg

Великолепный джаз в исполнении Ларисы Долиной и Биг-бэнд Анатолия Кролла, 2008 год. Источник: