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Top Italo House Deep Music from 90's — Don Carlos

Subscribe Now: Buy Now: Enjoy a Wonderful selection of Don Carlos — Paradise House (Deep Ambient Lounge Music from 90’s) Don’t forget to subscribe! TRACKLIST 01. Riviera Traxx — You Better Believe 00:00 02. Key Tronics Ensemble — Move [Salty Mix] 06:36 03. Subway Ground Master — Bond Street 13:43 04. Love Nation — Lifetime […]


ТРЕКЛИСТ / СКАЧАТЬ: 00:00 CEPHEI MC С тобою на край света 05:31 CEPHEI MC Лимб 09:28 CEPHEI MC СтритРейсинг 2 13:02 CEPHEI MC Когда Загораются Огни 19:00 CEPHEI MC Медляк (2009) 21:33 CEPHEI MC Все будет Хорошо! 25:16 CEPHEI MC Не Оставляй Меня! 28:31 CEPHEI MC Hell 33:07 CEPHEI MC super speed 37:15 CEPHEI MC […]

Entertainment | Full Movie | Akshay Kumar, Tamannaah Bhatia, Johnny Lever

SYNOPSIS: Akhil, an underdog and a failure, comes to know that his real father is a rich diamond merchant who has just passed away. When he goes to retrieve his wealth, he learns that a dog has inherited it. Director: Farhad Samji, Sajid Producer: Dr. Jayantilal Gada, Ramesh Taurani, Kumar S. Taurani Star Cast: Akshay […]

Best Twitch Clips that i watch when parents are away #1

Best Twitch Clips that i watch when parents are away #1 Follow Them Here — —— Please help me reach 77777777777777777 subscribers ;( — —— 💥Don’t forget to Like, Comment & Subscribe if you’re a real dAnK tWiTcH mEmER 😂👌! 💥 —— I make clip compilations of twitch clips of the best streamers worldwide… KEKW […]

Топ 10. Фортепианная музыка

Топ-10. Популярная классическая фортепианная музыка Top 10. Piano classical music Поддержи канал: ▶Клип Олега: ▶Шмель буги-вуги: ▶Самый крутой виртуоз: ▶Олег в полете с роялем: ▶Олег на «Минута славы»: ▶Шмеля так еще не играли: Site: Понравилось видео? Нажми — Паблик Вконтакте — Oleg in iTunes — Олег Вконтакте — ✔Booking: +7 (701) 213 93 44 │▌│▌▌│▌▌▌│▌▌│▌▌▌│▌▌│▌▌▌│ […]

How You Read Chord Symbols Written on Sheet Music

A chord symbol is seen on music sheets above the treble, bass or grand stave. Musicians such as guitar and keyboard players follow these symbols to tell them what notes or strings to play. It provides a guideline for the musician to display their knowledge and expertise on their instrument as you do not have […]

Movie Download Sites

Movie downloads are great. They have drastically decreased the price of viewing a movie and even owning one. Many of the movie download sites now come with free DVD burning software. To be honest, I don't think anyone really enjoys driving all the way to the store to get a movie. Especially when they are […]

Listen To The Music!

I was asked, "Why is it that many of the general populus can't tell the difference between trained musicians and mediocure amateurs?" My Answer: I think that it depends on background, experience and exposure to higher level professionals over a long time. Part of it is as simple as "To what or to whom are […]

Extreme jazz fusion reharmonization

SUPPORT ME ON PATREON: My band sungazer’s cover of Jason Derulo that has way, way too many chords. Knower’s kickass cover of Promises. I cannot overstate my love of this band. PDF of examples from today’s lesson BACKGROUND MUSIC Follow me on the interwebs: Peace, Adam

Gary Glitter — Rock & Roll Part II | Joker OST

Music from Joker (2019) distributed by Warner Bros. Joker (Soundtrack) by Various Artists. Playlist:

МУЗЫКА в Машину. Лучшие песни и любимые хиты автомобильной тематики. Сборник шансона.

Музыка в машину Лучшие автомобильные хиты 2016 01. Сергей Трофимов — Город в пробках 00:00 02. Александр Маршал – Дороги 03:19 03. Елена Ваенга – Мостики 07:12 04. Евгений Осин – Попутчица 10:34 05. Михаил Круг – Доброго пути 14:49 06. Анжелика Варум – Дождливое такси 17:07 07. Григорий Лепс – Московская песня 21:22 08. […]

Patients Can Now Get Help With Prescriptions

Designed for individuals who meet the criteria, Prescription Assistance Programs (PAP) help people obtain their greatly needed prescription drugs. Patient Assistance Programs have been available for a lot of decades, but a lot of citizens are unaware of them. Because of this, people go without required prescription medication since they do not have the cash […]

ХИТАМИ ЛЕТА 2019 — РУССКАЯ МУЗЫКА 2019  Клубная Музыка 2018 #8

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The BEST/FUNNIEST Moments of the Summer! // Twitch Clips: Summer 2019

◾ Twitch Clips by @iSandmanHD ◾ Twitch: ◾ Discord: ► Second Channel: ► Friends In The Video: ◾ Tony: ◾ Miguel: ◾ IAmKingJ: ◾ CWarriors5: ► Stay Connected: ◾ Twitter: ◾ Instagram: ◾ Facebook: ◾ Snapchat: Sandman2267 ► Channels I Edit For: ◾ GoodGameBro: If you’ve made it this far into the description, you’re the […]